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Post-Judgment Litigation and Collection of Judgments

If you have obtained a judgment in your favor, you are just beginning the process of collecting the money you are owed.  When it comes to enforcing a judgment, timing is everything.  The longer you wait to begin enforcement of your judgment, the more difficult and time consuming collections can be.  Judgment collection can be frustrating and expensive.  Our firm is experienced in assisting businesses and individuals with their collection needs.  We utilize various means which can result in the enforcement of your judgment, including: 

  • Domestication of foreign (out of state) judgments
  • Examination of the judgment debtor’s assets
  • Bank, wage and brokerage garnishments
  • Writs of execution
  • Replevin
  • Sheriff’s levy and execution sales
  • Judgment liens and foreclosures on personal and real property

Our firm meticulously analyzes and takes steps to help judgment holders collect and otherwise enforce their judgments.  Our collection practice encompasses an assertive course of action designed and shown to deliver results.  We are willing to consider handling judgment collection matters on a contingent fee basis and working with lawyers from other states in that process.
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